My Story

I wanted to create a program or a process that allowed both people in the relationship to feel safe, comfortable, heard, validated and NOT JUDGED or villainized. I work by providing tools and skills to truly allow healing and growth to happen as quickly as possible.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to want to fix things or create change, but not know how to. By learning to truly know, hear and understand one another and how to deliver what each one needs can create harmony and happiness in levels unlike ever before.

I hope if you or anyone you know is needing and wanting help improving their relationship that you will share this site with them so that they can gain some hope for brighter days ahead.

My Approach

My program is a 6 month course offering you helpful tools along the way to repairing and maintaining your marriage.

in my courses i will be giving step by step information to you and your spouse to implement into your daily lives.

For seven days I need your full heart’s commitment, and I know you can do it.

If you love each other, seven days is nothing. And I promise you, it’s not a whole lot of time, but every day I need you to commit one hour, but the beauty of this is that hour gets to be when it works for you guys. So, you can get up early, have coffee together an hour early and do this program. It can be in the evenings after the kids go to bed, you can eat for lunch every day for seven days, whatever you need to do, but we need seven days straight. After that, it moves to once a week.

The full program is six months, so I want to jumpstart you to get you the fastest results and the best results, and then I want to stick it out with you for six months. And because you get to do it in the convenience of your own home, it’s not hard to do, and you can’t beat the price.

Am I the right Relationship Coach for you?

I’m different and I look at things differently and sometimes when other things haven’t worked, different is exactly what you need. I do believe that the “Why” almost always matters and I believe that empathy and forgiveness are amazing components of healing and happiness and unfortunately that most people barely understand.

Why I think the “why” is so important.

If you can’t define something then you can’t change or replace it and the behavior pattern will be so familiar that the patterns will just keep repeating over and over again.

Damaging negative patterns in your marriage that create pain, damage and destruction are, in fact, the enemy of your relationship. Every general in the military will tell you that you must identify your enemy to defeat it. Does that make since? This makes the behavior pattern the enemy, not the person.

Once you define things and understand things then you can begin to empathize and understand. By combining these two things with strategies and skills then powerful progress can be made and damaging patterns can be replaced with patterns that bring both people in the relationship happiness, satisfaction, security and comfort.

Forgiveness is the other component that people are afraid of and many people don’t know how to do. That’s ok. The good news is that It’s a choice and therefore you can learn how to forgive and the amazing benefits of doing so for your partner, yourself and ultimately the relationship. We live in a world and in times where blame and being right are so important to people. So, demeaning things are said, anger erupts therefore peace, harmony and respect get lost sometimes.

There is no room in a bonded relationship for destruction. Your relationship should be your most trusted and safest place to come. You should be built up by your partner and never torn down and vice versa . Love is not something that can be done partially. Learning how to give love fully and receive love fully are all part of the journey with me and my process.