Kissing Challenge:

Looking for a simple way to to improve your relationship with your significant other? Give this kissing challenge a try, and let me know how it goes!

For the next 30 days, set aside time every day to kiss more than you do now. For example, set aside five minutes every morning to start your day off with deep intimate kissing without interruptions.

With time, this will most likely become a wanted pattern very quickly and not something you have to schedule and time. Oftentimes couples get busy and out of routine sharing this simple exchange of intimacy. 

By creating this new pattern, most likely it will become part of normal interaction that can be very satisfying for both partners. More kissing increases relationship satisfaction, confidence, and lower stress. It’s a “WIN WIN”.

By the way, kissing also has physiological health benefits as well.

Don’t just kiss somebody with an open mouth – kiss them with an open heart. A kiss should not be something that you do with your lips, but with the whole of your being. 

Do not kiss somebody absentmindedly or incidentally, kiss them like you are present; like there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. Kiss them with a lingering that seems to last forever because in your heart of hearts you want it to…

Kiss like you want this moment to last for eternity.

Kiss them with everything that you have and everything that you are; be open, be vulnerable, be receptive but do not under any circumstances hold back. Kiss like you’re dying of thirst and they are the purest water that has ever touched your lips…

Kiss in a way they will never forget, with a fire and an intensity that will burn into their memory for the rest of their life. Because that is the difference between a touch of the lips and a kiss… one ends the moment you part, and the other stays with you forever.

Ranata Suzuki

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